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  • Kamroller Glass Annealing Roller

    Kamroller Glass Annealing Roller

    Short Description:

    Improve quality and reduce costs By significantly reducing the accumulation of sulfate, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the quality of the glass and a reduction in the scrap rate as compared with the steel roller. The fused silica roller has an extremely low thermal conductivity and is the best choice for controlling the annealing process, enabling low-deformation glass without microcracks and low stress or even glass ribbon. ·Smooth surface, easy to treat tin or tin oxide  The fu...

  • Silicon steel bottom annealing roller

    Silicon steel bottom annealing roller

    Short Description:

    Used in high quality silicon steel sheet production Silicon steel annealing rollers are suitable for demanding annealing processes such as steel manufacturing. It is used to carry the operation annealing of high temperature silicon steel sheet, and the temperature range is 600-950 °C. The roller table is designed to meet the process requirements and is used in conjunction with Kamroller’s proprietary patented shaft end technology,ensure smooth and predictable delivery. And the surface r...

  • Fused Silica Roller for automotive parts annealing furnace

    Fused Silica Roller for automotive parts anneal...

    Short Description:

    In the automotive industry, Kamroller offers a wide range of precision components and products. Due to the high mechanical strength and excellent thermodynamics and electrical properties of ceramics, automotive manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers are increasingly using ceramic materials instead of metals. We work with our customers to develop reliable, durable and low cost components. We supply rollers for stamping furnaces and automotive parts, producing lightweight automotive parts t...

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